SunArtPiano offers one on one individual lesson & group lessons. Depending on the age and different learning criteria of students, teachers will cater to students' individual course path.

 Young Beginners:

This course is specially designed for creating musical interest in young piano beginners. Combining unique musical activities, theory homework and games with the keyboard, children will gain a solid concept and foundation in:
-    Keyboard Geography
-    Staff reading abilities
-    Rhythm differentiation work
-    Pitch differentiation
-    Composition
-    Ensemble playing
-    piano preparatory techniques / Body Posture
-    Singing / Ear Training
-    Theory
Mothers are encouraged to accompany children in the lesson in order to help them with practice sessions at home.
 AMEB Exam Preparation (Preliminary- LMUS)

The teachers will follow a path to prepare the students with a solid foundation in the following in order to gain an overall education in music:
-    Technical work
-    Aural
-    General Knowledge
-    Music analysis
-    Sight reading
-    Exam experiences
-    Concert experiences
-    Piano Competitions

 Piano for Leisure Students

For those students who are very busy with their everyday schedules, but like to also enjoy playing music in their free times, piano for leisure is an excellent choice. Students are able to play light classical, jazz, contemporary and popular repertoires. The exam requirements are less,however this does not mean a lower performance standard, it is designed with a high musical standard to enrich the student's demanding work or student schedule.


 HSC students

SunArtPiano teachers regularly guide students who are doing Music Extension I or II for their HSC. Sometimes they need help in their performance pieces, music theory and or composition. We have teachers who specialises in composition and musicianship to guide HSC students through their most important exam!  

 Adult Learners (it is not too late!)

Many adults think they are too old to learn, however most adults we have are actually more keen and faster at learning the piano due to that their self decipline, drive and enthusiasm. They usually come with preordained goals. At SunArtPiano, teachers and adult students set a joint responsibility and collaborate to make the learning most enjoyable. We also provide a flexible learning course for busy adults. The teachers will use a different method and books to teach adult students or sometimes they bring their own piece of music that they would like to play.


 Group Practice Class


This class is designed to help students practice correctly at home. Over the week, students may have forgotten how to play certain parts of a song, this class will ensure students practice correctly through the week so they do not build up any bad habits over the week. 


Alot of students may practice ineffectively during the week due to wrong speed or methods used. This could waste alot of weeks when students have an exam goal. Again practice class will ensure that students practice the right way in order to save time and energy. 


Group Theory Class


We offer group theory classes for AMEB theory courses. Each course is 10-15 weeks long depending on the grade. Please enquire about the class time if you are interested.